George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore and Tim Kindberg

Distributed Systems
Concepts and Design

Fourth Edition

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Source code for the programs in the book

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Chapter 4. Interprocess Communication

Figure 4.3 UDP Client
Figure 4.4 UDP Server
Figure 4.5 TCP Client
Figure 4.6 TCP Server
Figure 4.17 Multicast peer

Chapter 5. Distributed Objects and Remote Invocation

Figure 5.11 Shape interface
Figure 5.11 ShapeList interface
Figure 5.13 ShapeListServer class
Figure 5.14 ShapeListServant class
Figure 5.15 Client of ShapeList and Shape
Code of ShapeServant class
Simple example of GraphicalObject

Chapter 7. Security

 Figures 7.8-7.10 TEA algorithm

Chapter 19.Web services

Figure 19.7 Java web service interface ShapeList
Figure 19.8 Java implementation of ShapeList server
Figure 19.9 Java implementation of the ShapeList client
Code of GraphicalObject class

 Chapter 20 Corba Case Study

Figure 20.1 IDL interfaces Shape and ShapeList
Figure 20.2 Java interface ShapeListOperations
Figure 20.2 (cont) Java interface ShapeList
Figure 20.3 ShapeListServant class
Figure 20.4 ShapeListServer class
Figure 20.5 client program for Shape and ShapeList
ShapeServant class